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real-time feedback and status updates from people, wherever they roam.

Pollit is a free, open-source tool for conducting polls using text messages. Step-by-step, Pollit guides participants through polls and collects real-time results. Pollit shrinks the gap between audiences and pollers, taking the pulse of the people anytime and anywhere there's mobile phone service.

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  • Make decisions

    based on data directly from your audience

  • Collect

    structured information without the need for smartphones

  • See and analyze

    poll results in real time

  • Conduct

    polls from anywhere

  • Make it easy

    for participants to answer anywhere, anytime, using any phone

  • Eliminate

    email or paper-based poll collection

  • Free

    for anyone to use to help increase their social impact

  • Open Source

    code for developers to use to improve its design and functionality

What can I use it for?

Pollit is a great way to find out in real time what's on your audience's mind. Here are a few ways Pollit can help you take the pulse of your people:

Collecting Petition Signatures Virtually

In a world as busy as ours, catching up to people for petition signatures can be tough. Make a time-consuming and frustrating task easy and quick with Pollit. Just gather a list of cell phone contact numbers, send your petition via text message, and collect signatures virtually. Pollit stores signatures in an online spreadsheet and handles all the other details, so you can carry on with changing the world.

Identify Community Needs

Before allocating limited resources, it's important to understand the most pressing needs of your community. And no one knows those needs better than the people who make up that community. With Pollit, you can conduct a community poll with a minimum of time and other resources, assessing high-priority needs and interventions while identifying a critical mass of people willing to take action.

Evaluating Program Success Rates

Oftentimes, the best way to know if you're making a difference is simply to ask. Ongoing evaluations can help you assess satisfaction, gather suggestions for continuous improvement, and measure program impact. With Pollit, you can collect monitoring and evaluation data at any time, in just a few easy steps, allowing you to frequently and cost-effectively evaluate -- and if needed, correct -- your current course.

Assessing Knowledge

Today's learning builds on yesterday's, and that's why it's so important to ensure that students are keeping up. Regular knowledge assessment gives confidence to learners on the right track and highlights students who need a little more guidance. Using Pollit, you can measure knowledge before and after your class, program, or intervention, without extending class time or otherwise inconveniencing students.


Use any phone capable of sending and receiving text messages
View and download results as a spreadsheet and in other formats
Create unlimited questions per poll
Reach an unlimited number of participants worldwide

How does it work?

All you need to get started is a questionnaire and a list of mobile phone numbers. You can create questionnaires using numeric, short answer, and/or multiple-choice questions. Once your questionnaire is ready to go, Pollit sends a text message invitation to each number on your list. Pollit sends your first question, waiting for an answer before sending another. Answers are stored in a spreadsheet, where you can review them in real time and export them for analysis in other applications.

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